System Design Assistance, equipment selection, product selection, equipment/product scheduling, and specification assistance – reach out to Kingsway Marketing when ready and we are eager to assist in finding the solution that fits your needs.

System design solutions and input that you can count on – from an experienced and trusted company in the plumbing, hydronic, and fluid management industry. Kingsway Marketing offers support services to our design partners – with a Kingsway Marketing expert on your team, you can count on the right equipment, product, and materials being suggested to you for all of your projects no matter how large or small – we are proud to be a part of your vision.

Engineering/Design Support Services – Kingsway Marketing offers support to our engineering partners as well as the tools and selection software needed to design efficient, effective, and reliable plumbing, hydronic, and fluid management systems. These services include the following:


introductory/high level; this phase we are introduced to your project and what you would like us to assist with.


Were the rubber meets the road, or in better terms for us; where the pen meets the paper. Here Kingsway Marketing will provide design assistance to you in regards to our material, equipment, and products and how it fits in to your vision. This can include: equipment selection, equipment efficiency, ROI and energy analysis, material selection, and product selection.

Bidding Documents

Kingsway Marketing will assist in making sure that the products and equipment that we have partnered with you on are accurately reflected in the construction details, schedules, plan set, and specifications. This ensures that your vision is accomplished with the material or equipment you intent on using – Kingsway will work hand in hand with the bidding community to ensure accurate pricing is included in their bids to build your vision that we are proud to be a part of.

Whats your vision for the next great building of the upper Midwest?

Reach out when you’re ready and we are eager to assist – we will partner with you and ensure the heart of your project is as tough as the upper Midwest is