Successful design, implementation, installation, and commissioning begins with Training. At Kingsway we are eager to serve and ready to offer training per request or as scheduled.

Kingsway Marketing believes in training. With the multitude of options available to the market place today in the different product and equipment sectors that Kingsway serves, we want to make sure that our engineered products and our wholesale supply driven products are understood and the market understands that they have a reliable resource with their upper Midwest Territory Representation.

Kingsway Marketing offers endless lunch and learn (brown bag) presentations to our design partners as well in the architectural and engineering community – we will provide CEU credits upon request as well via our certified classroom sessions.

You can count on Kingsway to provide you and your team with hands on, reliable, to the point training that will help drive your profitability:

Distribution product trainings:

Kingsway will ensure that your team is well versed in the manufacturer of choice that we will partner together on – your sales team will be enabled to add maximum value to your customers

Engineered Product Trainings:

Geared for the installer of our engineered products division, we will enable your team to repeat successful no-call back installations that make sure that your customer is satisfied with the equipment or engineered products that you have trusted with us to provide to your project.

Engineering/Architectural Trainings:

These are tailored to your design/engineering team at your firm. We will cover design considerations on our engineered products that you have chosen to review, along with reviewing their competitive advantages and future benefits to your building owner when specified and installed in your project.

Building Owner Trainings:

Kingsway is eager to meet and work with building owners of their brand new installed equipment or products. We will make sure to review and answer all of your questions and provide recommendations on best practices to maximize the value of your investment in our product or equipment that is now part of your facility.

Are you ready to schedule a training?

Reach out to us today to schedule a custom training tailored for your teams needs, we are eager to help out and look forward to hearing from you!